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Name: Alice SiegwartAlice Siegwart

Cosplay Alias: Alice
Age: 16
Current City: Broomfield
When did you start cosplaying: A little before October 2009.
Favorite convention: London MCM Expo. Mostly in May.

Alice Siegwart Gallery

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Q : What lead you to get into cosplay?

A : A group of friends got me into it. We watched this Youtube show called 'Demyx Time' which I think pushed us more towards doing it.

Q : Could you sum up some of your likes and dislikes about cosplaying?

A : Well I've met so many great people during the time I've cosplayed and each of them have impacted me one way or another, plus cosplaying has made me so much more confident, not only personality wise but a little bit more confident with how my body looks. It's also helped my improve my sewing skills. But over the last year or so I've noticed that cosplay seems to have got a bit more competitive which kind of dampens my enthusiasm about it all.

Q : Let us know what your top three favorite cosplays you've seen are?

A : PapercutPerfect's Baralai from Final Fantasy X-2. Holli's Alice from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. FuriePhoenix's Ariel (Wedding Dress Version) from The Little Mermaid.

Q : So far what is your most memorable cosplay experience?

A : London MCM Expo May 2011. It was the first time I entered the Masquerade with a group and I absolutely loved it. That moment will forever be imprinted on my mind.

Q : Typically do you buy or make your own cosplays??

A : I always make mine, I'm not too fond of buying them for various reasons. I think the only costume I've ever bought was a Lolita Dress. All the others I've made myself or with help from my mother.

Q : What was the most difficult thing for you to create for one of your cosplays?

A : Probably either my Mulan Fairy Wings because of all the beads I had to sew on. It took about 19-21 hours to sew everything on there and the wings cost more then the actual outfit itself. The other thing would be my Fire Cape. Every single sequin had to be sewn on by hand as well as the pieces of material together. It look about a week or two of solid work to make it.

Q : Can you reveal any future cosplays you have in store?

A : London MCM Expo October 2012 I'm doing Valefor from Final Fantasy X and Fire from The Elements. Other that I'm not revealing anything else about my planned costumes.

Q : Do you have a dream cosplay and/or cosplayer to meet?

A : I would love to do most of, if not all, of Paine's Dresspheres from Final Fantasy X-2, I couldn't pick just one to do, I love them all. As for a cosplayer, not so much.

Q : Have you ever done group cosplay or group shoots?

A : I've done a few Final Fantasy ones. One with my Psychic Paine with two other cosplayers and a few bigger Final Fantasy groups as well.

Q : Have you ever been to a convention not in cosplay? And how was your experience?

A : No I haven't. I love cosplaying and would have to cosplay to a convention even if the costume's bad or no-one recognises me.

Q : Who are some of the photographers that you've worked with? Are there any that you look forward to doing a shoot with?

A : I haven't worked with him, but I've found some pictures of me taken by Nert. But I have had some photos done with Ashleigh Kirk.

Q : What are some of the conventions you plan to attend to in the future?

A : London Expo's and London Film And Comic Con as far as I'm aware. LFCC not necessarily this year but I would love to go sometime. But apart from that, until I'm 18, I'm limited to what I can attend.

Q : What's your biggest advice on cosplaying and conventions?

A : Always do your best with your costumes. It doesn't matter what other people think, as long as you're happy with the costume and you're comfortable in it then it should all work out perfectly. As for conventions I would say bring your own food and drink, the prices can be a little iffy.

Q: Are you registered on any cosplaying websites, forums, etc.?

A : CosplayIsland is the main Cosplay website. But I do have photos of DeviantArt as well.

Q: Do you have a website or anything you would like to promote?

A : No. Not really.